WW2 group of medals awarded to Stephanus Paulus Hartman. Hartman attested into the 5th Mounted Regiment in Ladysmith in December 1940. Was transferred to SATC in 1941 and later to SAAF. Comes with 6 pages of service record. Group mounted as worn.


Atlantic Star - unnamed

WW2 (1939 - )

Coronation Medal 1953


1953 Coronation Medal- original ribbon

WW2 (1939 - )

Defence Medal- unnamed


Defence Medal - unnamed


T Captain Alexander Harion Cook is noted as having commenced his qualifying service for the Efficiency Decoration on 31 January 1922. He was variously in the Cadet Section of Kaffrarian Rifles and the Youth Training Brigade. He was awarded the Decoration in 1942. This was probably his only medal. Comes with 5 pages from his service file and box.


Medal awarded to men and women who served during WW2 in an official voluntary organization for at least 2 years in a voluntary unpaid capacity. The medal is silver and was always awarded unnamed.


Special Constabulary ( GV1) to William H Golding


WW2 War Medal - unnamed