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QSA ( Cape Colony) 3 Sergeant H M Sadler. Orphen’s Horse


Raised in Hopetown in the Kimberley District in 1900 by Major Orphen. Maximum unit strength of about 300. Served in the North and North West areas of the Cape during the Boer War. Saw plenty of action. Medals to the unit do not surface too often.
Comes with copy roll page

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88 Civilian Wheeler. E Wassung. ASC


Unusual rank . It is also unusual to find a QSA with a single bar , OFS.

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QSA ( no bar). Pte. G K Kayat. East Griqualand Mounted Volunteers


Small unit of locally raised European volunteers. Comes with copy roll page

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WW1 War medal to Burger C Adams, 1st K K


If Burger Adams had been English speaking the medal would have been inscribed ,”Pte C Adams. 1st Cape Corps”

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